How to build a snap using ROS 2 Humble

06.08.2022 01:12 We’ve recently celebrated the release of ROS 2 Humble Hawksbill with a post detailing how to get started developing for the new release in containers. In addition, we shared an overview of the new features included with this new release, particularly its enhanced security features. This week we are tackling the logical next step in

Canonical talks cloud native and career development at community meetup in Manila

05.08.2022 09:50 Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, joined in their cloud-native computing upskilling and career development initiative held in Dewise office in Manila, Philippines, last June. ULAP’s mission is to help underrepresented STEM students kickstart a career in cloud, data, and technology. Michelle Anne Tabirao, Data Solutions Product Manager, participated as a speaker and shared insights

Patterns to achieve database High Availability

02.08.2022 14:30 The cost of database downtime A study from ManageForce estimated the cost of a database outage to be an average of $474,000 per hour. Long database outages are the result of poor design concerning high availability. With the exponential growth of data that is generated over the internet (which is expected to reach 180 zeta-bytes

Canonical at SIGGRAPH 2022

01.08.2022 22:50 Ubuntu by Canonical is proud to announce we will be attending SIGGRAPH 2022

Is Linux secure?

01.08.2022 15:11 Operating system security is the upper bound of your application security Meet Pal. Pal is a senior developer working at PalBank. For the next 6 months, Pal will be responsible for leading the development of the bank’s web application client, which will be used daily by millions of customers. Pal invests considerable effort into designing

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